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Holiday Hostess

I lived through the weekend!   I’m so sorry that I missed posting. Too many holiday parties!  But I’m back now!

When hosting a holiday party, the last thing you might have time to think about is what to wear. Decorating, cleaning and food take top priority.  But with this simple outfit, you can put the pieces together at the last minute and still be ready for the festivities!

The key to an easy last minute look- monochromatic.  With all black pieces, you really can’t go wrong.  It’s the LBD of outfits.  Just remember to keep the pieces textured and/or shiny to keep the look from being too boring.

Time to make pigs in a blanket!  Happy hosting!

Holiday Hostess by stylefromthesticks featuring leather ankle boots

American apparel bodysuit

Jane Norman graphic tank top $28 –

Dickins Jones black trousers $59 –

Mojo Moxy leather ankle boots

Monsoon drusy jewelry

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