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In the Projects- Curtain Call

Every room in our home since we bought it has gotten new window treatments in the form of curtains.  We still have the blinds that the previous owner put up and for now they will stay until we can afford to put up what I want.  Here are a few ways that I’ve been saving money on window treatments. A few of my projects include re-sewing said curtains.  Most of the curtains I’ve purchased were the standard 84 inches long (typically much cheaper than the 96 inches).  And I like to hang my curtains high and wide, as most designers recommend that this makes the windows look taller and wider. 

My secret is letting out all of the extra fabric on the hem and resewing a rod pocket much smaller at the top.  Before purchasing a curtain, check it to see how much fabric is there for you to let out.  Another option is sewing two curtains together in different but coordinating fabric. Neither of these is what I’m blogging about today.  In my daughter’s room, I have some curtains that I’m remaking.  Originally they had this shape (minus the ruffle at the top)-

Bridal Lace Ruffled Curtain from In my opinion, they were outdated and too sweet.  So this is what I’m resewing them as-

This makes them look similar to these found at Pottery Barn Kids-

Ruffle Blackout Panel $89-109

All I have to do is cut off the side and resew the already pleated fabric into tiers. These curtains were originally from….Goodwill.  I hope this post inspired you to create some fun window treatments for your home!


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