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In the Projects- Sitting Pretty

Our family takes bimonthly visits to Menard’s, Lowe’s and Home Depot.  It’s like our family outing.  It isn’t usually pretty.  It usually involves screaming, tears and bribing, and that’s just for me.  When you have three small children in those stores for even a short period, there’s no telling what kind of chaos may ensue. It’s like this clip from Couple’s Retreat, where the little boy pees in the toilet at one of these stores.  I love it.  Totally my family.

Anywho, on one of these trips, we stopped at Home Depot and didn’t really see much we were looking for until we got close to the check out.  Then these chairs caught my eye-

Home Decorators Collection Parson Chestnut Bar Stool regularly priced $49

They were sitting up by the checkouts and they had a clearance tag on them.  Hm.  I wondered if it was a mix up, or if they really were on clearance.  So we asked.  And they were on sale for $30.  We bought six!  The chair that wasn’t in the box they sold us for $10!  It was a great score.

Which brings us to another ongoing project here, making chair covers.  These chairs are cloth and a solid fabric.  Which means they are not intended for children.  My idea to address this issue, make some vinyl slipcovers! 

Since I don’t have a local fabric store, I hit up the next best thing, the Dollar Store.  There I purchased some vinyl tablecloths and hoped I could make it work.  My thought was that the vinyl would go through my sewing machine easier if it wasn’t heavy duty and as the fabric is really a tablecloth, it would have that fuzzy cloth backing to help avoid bunching in the foot of the machine.

I have to say, they are turning out! 

(I will tack down the bottom with adhesive Velcro, if this is what I decide to use.)

The only drawback is, the vinyl is so fragile that it tears easily, which means it may also not hold up with the kids.  So my progress is at a standstill.  I have to give the vinyl from the fabric store a try before I decide which is the lesser of two evils.

Either way, they were totally worth it!


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