Jewelry Organization

I confess I have a jewelry problem.  Maybe you’re like me and have something in just about every color.  Or perhaps you have just a few pieces and wear the same thing every day.

I go through both stages.  Sometimes I like to wear the same thing, especially if I know I’m going to be busy (say having a baby).  Other times I just don’t wear anything because I’m making a mess.  Read painting.

But…I am a sucker for something shiny.  Does it have to be expensive?  No.  But I do enjoy more quality pieces.  I have a few things that are Dollar Store worthy but I don’t want to spend my money on things that tarnish after one wear.  Ya get me?

My collection includes lots of pieces that are truly costume jewelry.  Pieces that my grandmothers had.  I realize that the times I’m going to wear these pieces is few and far between.  I love them none-the-less.  And sometimes they can make your outfit so special with a one of a kind piece.

Meanwhile I have a problem.  Storage for all that jewelry really takes up space.  I received a jewelry organizer about ten years ago for Christmas and it was wonderful.  But I’ve grown out of it.  Now it houses my daughter’s hair accessories.

Here’s a pict-

Old Jewelry Cabinet

I took an antique wardrobe I inherited and converted it into my jewelry storage.  The wardrobe was really too small for actual clothes (unless you have five socks).  But it was perfect for my growing jewelry collection.


(I have a better picture of that somewhere but for the life of me, I can’t find it.)

I bought some jewelry organizers and display pieces from JoAnn’s and made them work to house all my jewelry.  Sometimes (cough) the pieces become a mess and jumbled up. Or kids play in them.  Real life stuff.  And it needed to be reorganized.

Another problem I encounter is what colors I’m missing out of my collection.  There are times you need a really great pair of red earrings and I’m always looking through my collection missing them.  And then when I’m in a place like Charming Charlie’s I can’t ever remember what color section I should be in.  And it’s easy to get overwhelmed in that store anyway.

So a quick project I did this morning…organizing earrings by color.  Earrings are something that I wear almost every day, regardless if I’m in my p.j.s or if I’m out and about.  My guess beyond an engagement or wedding ring, that’s what you wear the most as well.

Here is a shot of my jumbled up mess-

Jewelry Drawer Mess

And here’s the progress being made.  It really helps to know what you have (or love) and what you need.  Clearly I don’t need anymore jade colored earrings.

In Process

And here’s the final product.  Not bad for a few minutes to spare this morning.  Now a notepad and pen in my jewelry armoire will help to keep track of what I’d like to have for when I get to make a shopping trip.

All Sorted Out

How do you organize your jewelry?

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