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Mixing Masculine & Feminine

Our last lesson for a while is about mixing feminine and masculine textures and looks.  The combination is so wonderful.  And here’s why.  Think about a beauty queen all dressed up for competition in her dazzling sequin fuchsia gown, big hair, lots of lipstick and high heels.  While this outfit is Barbie’s dream come true (and perhaps men across America’s), it pretty much leaves you with a cavity.  Think about all the great film female characters that you’ve watched- they all have a little something “extra” that makes them tough while girly.  Scarlett O’Hara had her fiery garnet gown that Rhett carries her up the stairs in and her green velvet “drapes” dress.  Holly Golightly wore her LBD with pearls but don’t forget the Ray Bans.  When Harry & Sally* go on their walk in the park and Sally is wearing her Panama hat with a blazer and polka dots (totally a look I’d wear today), this moment from the movie makes these characters fragile and strong at the same time.  Suffice it to say, it’s a pleasing combination.

How to do it?

In my first look, I took a floral printed, soft skirt (feminine) and paired it with a boyfriend sweater (masculine) and brogues (masculine).   I kept the same cocktail ring and added it in each outfit.  No sweat.

The second outfit began with coated denim.  Much more comfortable than real leather (see Ross Geller and the lotion) but with the same tough texture.  I paired it with lace.  Whoa.  That was a stretch.  And a little bit of sparkle.  The outfit maker?  The leopard print shoes.

The last outfit is a classic combination- satin top, tweed skirt.  They are a match made in heaven.  Those heavy materials crave something juxtaposed to their condition.  Big words today.  A pencil skirt always means heels and pretty ones.

I hope I gave you something new this week to think about when you are putting outfits together!

*Please don’t make me reference this movie.  Google it you young pup!

Cut loose top

Mango blue blouse $32 –

White House Black Market pencil skirt

Monki flower print skirt $40 –

Peep toe slingback $39 –


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