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Moving On Up

To get back to my original posts about my closet issues, the reason I have not written more on how I was planning on revamping the space is… we are moving!  Barring any unforeseen issues, we will soon be owners of a different house, same town.  Thus, no closet renos here.

(Image courtesy of We have lived in our home for almost nine years now and while I’m excited about the prospect of a new home, I’m also very sad to leave our current home. It has really been a huge part of life for us.  This was our first home when we got married, all of our babies were brought home here, our first Christmases as a family were here.  (Sigh.)  But I’m learning that a house is just a building.  Your family and the memories that you make are what make it a home.  And I know that we will have many more good times together in our new house.  But knowing that doesn’t always make it easier to say goodbye to an era. I think what is the most difficult thing for me to overcome is the possibility that we may be leaving the baby stages behind us when we move.  While we still don’t know if our family is complete (trying to leave that in God’s hands, as He is ultimately in control), our babies are growing up.  And the older you get, the more you realize just how precious those baby years are.  In the midst of them, the dirty diapers, the teething and the sleepless nights, you feel they’ll be babies forever.  But those years are fleeting.  And I know that they need to grow up (and we can’t be young forever), but it’s still hard to see it happen.  There’s going to be a time really soon when my babies won’t want to crawl into bed with me and cuddle in the morning or let me kiss them in public.  And that is tragic. Okay!  Enough with the sadness, now that I have bared my soul to the world about my kids, let’s focus on the excitement of the new house.  It has TWO walk-in closets (his and hers).  I know what you’re thinking, HERS AND HERS!  I’m pretty sure my husband could handle all of his clothes in the closet in the garage, right????  🙂 In all seriousness, I’m already concerned about where I’m going to house all of my shoes.  We all have a few vices, and shoes are one of mine. I’ll keep you posted on how our transition goes and where I eventually do end up with my shoes (and if my husband gets dressed in the garage).  Be patient with me as the moving process soaks up time. And I’ll try not to cry every time I pass our old house….


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