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Nails, Not So Polished

Today’s post of Beauty Shop Saturday is all about Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects.

I’ve heard and seen so much about these little babies that I had to try them.  And the concept is wonderful.  But ladies, let me tell you… In my every day life, I’m seriously lucky if I have my nails filed, let alone polished.  And if I do have them polished, they’re chipped in about 30 seconds.  (Stay tuned for another review in the near future on OTC gel nail polish.)  So the prospect of having quick nail polish and a fun print on my nails to boot was an exciting one. Since I am your virtual fashion and beauty Guinea pig, I set out to try them. After purchasing a really fun denim pattern, I decided I would debut my nails for my kids’ Christmas program. First, I filed me nails.  This is a serious victory for my nails in my home.  Following the directions, I cleaned my nails with nail polish remover.  The salon effects come in strips that remind me a little of the sticky part of Lee Press On Nails back in 1986.  What you are supposed to do is take the strip, find the right size for your nail (and the right end so it fits in your nail bed) and then peel away the paper backing while stretching the strip just so to get it to adhere perfectly. This was challenging but I managed to do  it.  Now, the strip is longer than your nail.  And the instructions say to file away the rest of the strip to your nail length, hitting right on the edge of your nail.  Here is where it all went south. When I filed away, it did not leave a smooth edge.  You know when you tape trim when you are painting a wall in your house and perhaps you’ve gotten the paint on a little too thick in a spot by the tape?  Then when you pull the tape away, you rip off half of the paint along the seam?  Yup.  That’s what this is like. Not only did I have an official chipped up look on the ends of my nails, but I had no way to fix it.  It wasn’t like I had some leftover polish just laying around to touch up the ends. Maybe I just don’t have what it takes to apply these suckers.  But straight out of the box, I give them a 1 on a scale of 1-10. To top it all off, removing them is just about impossible as I discovered over Christmas using a large quantity of a family members nail polish remover.  It would have been easier to just peel them away from where they were chipping than spend an hour trying to get the adhesive off my nails that didn’t want to come off. So, no more salon effects for me.  Nothing against Sally Hansen, they make amazing products.  This is just not one of them.  I think I’ll wait until a company like Uppercase Living starts doing nail polish.  Peel and stick people.


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