Sorry for my missing status, I had hoped to write this post all together, but since it is taking longer than I thought, I’m going to write it in series.

In the fall my church hosts its now annual craft/bake sale fundraiser.  We combine it with the town’s Christmas festival.  And I’m getting all geared up with ideas on what to make and hopefully sell this year!

While I have a number of Christmas crafts in mind, I’ve talked my father into helping me with one particular project.  I love all of the handpainted signs with Christmas carols, Bible verses, etc. on old wood.  And I’m attempting to make these myself.

First stop, find the wood.  We decided that pallet wood would be the best choice for our signs simply because it is weathered, thin and slatted- all three what I was envisioning.

Pallet Wood

Next we disassemble the pallets.  This is no easy task.  It involves tedious nail pulling and a few broken boards.  But the final project hopefully will be worth it!

Deconstructed Pallets

Now we have to reassemble.  Break out the finish nailer!  And add tiny nails!  To create a “barn door” sign, we attach the pallet boards to two other opposite running boards.

Lining Up the Boards

More on the rest tomorrow!  Hopefully it involves paint!!


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