Put A Ring On It

I couldn’t think of a ring that I liked more than the ones that mean something special to me. So while I could have photographed a pretty cocktail ring or a bunch of fancy rings, I took some pictures of my wedding rings and my five year anniversary ring.

Here’s a little game for you?  Can you spot the real diamonds?

Spot the Real

Spot the Real 2

I’m sure you guessed that my engagement ring was diamond and you were right.  That whole set is.  But my other five year anniversary ring is actually a white sapphire.  And was not very expensive.  Does that make it less special?  No.  (But I can tell you which one would cause panic if I misplaced it!)

And then I threw in a little LOVE midi ring for fun.  I can’t even claim these are CZ.

Here is what I wore-

Put A Ring On It

I thought my top with the little grommets connected with the ring theme.  🙂

Top- Eyelash

Capris- garage sale (Old Navy maternity)

Sandals- Mix It

Earrings- (small silver hoops=ring theme) Uppercase Living- so weird

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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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