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Putting Outfits Together

There may be a few face palm moments in this post for a few of you, but I am writing it for the ones who may not be confident in putting combinations together.

This post is specifically about pairing tops and pants.  In the exercise above, I used the same shirt and accessories as to not distract from the differences between the outfits put together.

Situation number one-  The two color patterned shirt.  The easiest way to combine this top with pants is to pull out the two colors in the pattern.  In the above case, these are white and black.

In the first outfit, you can see that the white isn’t very impactful.  It gets a little lost in the pattern and color of the shirt.  If you wear white pants with this outfit, it isn’t wrong by any means.  It just needs a little something more.  I’d throw on a red belt or shoes.  That would punch it up a notch.

In the third outfit, you can see that the black really draws the eye in.  Using the black creates a more sit up and notice outfit.  Again, this isn’t the “wrong” choice.  But looking at each outfit, side by side helps you see what each option does.

In the second outfit, the khaki color creates more visual stimulation.  Why?  Because the color is not found in the top.  You are adding in a new color to the outfit, one that complements the top but doesn’t “match” it.  This takes a little bit of practice to know what colors look good together, but once you go out there and risk it, it isn’t so hard.

Tomorrow we’ll do a three color patterned top!

Putting Outfits Together by stylefromthesticks featuring a black skirt

J Crew striped t shirt

American Eagle Outfitters white trousers

Old Navy khaki shorts

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Hive Honey pendant necklace

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