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Putting Outfits Together #2

Today’s lesson is about putting together outfits with a top that has more than two colors in the pattern.

In outfit one, I combined the top with a solid black pant, but spaced out the addition of a pattern in the shoe.  Because this outfit had those two patterns already going on, I chose a solid neutral bag.

In outfit two, I paired the top with a similar colored pattern.  Keep in mind that a tight and small pattern like this is really considered a solid.  The eye doesn’t really “see” the pattern but it sure creates visual interest!  I added in even more eye candy with two-toned shoes and a bag that while neutral, has a subtle pattern.

In outfit three, I picked up a color in the top and found a skirt to match it.  Then I added in texture with the accessories instead of more pattern or solids.

I know this seems like a ton of information to take in when you are staring at the clothes in your closet.  But keep these tips in mind when wondering how to put outfits together!

SELECTED pattern t shirt $55 –

Neon Rose long skirt $44 –

VILA grey bodycon skirt $39 –

Mango skinny jeans $39 –

Mel black flat $19 –

Strappy sandals

Guess purse

Tony Bianco sand bag $92 –


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