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Q&A- Color-Blocked Shirts

I received the following question- What do you think about the silk color-blocked shirts. I say they are OUT even before they are IN. (But I’m kind of a stick in the mud!) 🙂 -Kelli

Silk Colorblock Boyshirt

Silk Colorblock Boyshirt from Madewell $118- Currently sold out

I have to agree with you.  While they may be a trend, it is not one that I find attractive.  Color blocking- I enjoy.  Silk shirts- love them.  Together- reminds me of an era of fashion that I’m not ready to revisit again anytime soon.  There is something that is so Ice Ice Baby about these shirts. So if they are for you, great.  That must mean that you were born after 1985 or perhaps you still have your old one in your closet that you’ve been aching to wear again. But for the rest of us, we’ll find other blouses that are beautiful, colorful and charming.  And we’ll just look the other way while these are floating around. Thanks for the question!


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