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Runner’s World

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you never have to worry if you’ve gotten a good workout in when you run.  Don’t let those marathon runners intimidate you!  Running doesn’t have to mean crazy long distances.  It doesn’t have to mean doing sprints around the track.  Running can be whatever you make it.

If you’ve never run before, take it slow.  Walk when you have to.  Don’t let labels hold you back.  No one should ever have to say, “I’m not a runner.”  Anyone can run.  And any activity is better than the couch!

Think of how great it feels when you’re in motion; it’s flying with your feet on the ground!

If you plan on running in the winter, be sure to avoid the ice.  But even snow packed trails can be manageable.  Just be careful and dress appropriately.  My hands and head tend to sweat the most, so investing in some running gear may be worthwhile.  And don’t dress too warmly, or you’ll be shedding layers.

Here’s what I picked-

Forever 21 cut out top

NIKE athletic sportswear

Forever 21 activewear

NIKE glove


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