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Scaredy Cat

I have to admit, even as a fashionista, there are certain things that I avoid wearing.  Not because they aren’t trendy, classic or fun, but because I’m just not sure I can pull it off.  Such is the case with animal prints.  I’m just not that girl who can rock leopard pants.  Or a cheetah top.  It kinda makes me feel like I should be in the movie My Cousin Vinny and chomping on a huge piece of gum. So I try to take animal prints in small doses.  Leopard flats?  Okay.  A fur coat, only if it isn’t a maxi.  Little nibbles of the stuff so it doesn’t leave an aftertaste.  It’s okay to be nervous about pulling things off.  But don’t be a scaredy cat.  Take it all in small doses.


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