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Search & Rescue

Nope, you won’t find that in the daily outfit ideas from Style Me July.  But that was the headline that was my life on the 23rd of July.  Our little miniature dachshund was found to be missing this morning at about quarter to six.  And most of my day was spent worrying about where she was and how to find her.  Thank goodness we did find her and she survived the 105 degree heat, crossing a busy highway and having an adventure that lead her across our town.  She is lucky to have been found alive! So no outfit for today.  It was a slap-on-whatever-you-can-find-to-ride-your-bike-around-town kind of outfit.  And with my crazy hair, it was not photo-worthy. So grateful to have my dog back, if not for me, but for my kids.  Search and rescue was a success!


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