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I’m excited to try snowshoeing this winter.  It would be a first for me but I liken it to cross-country skiing.

I’m anticipating wearing warm layers because I know that this will be a great workout and once I start exercising, I’m going to sweat.  Fleece-lined leggings and moisture-wicking socks will help keep me warm.  Online they recommend light-weight running shoes that are flexible to wear with your snowshoes.  And don’t forget the ear warmers (a hat might be too hot) and some wool gloves.

What a great way to workout and try something new!

Snowshoeing by stylefromthesticks featuring black fleece lined leggings

Forever 21 top

Old Navy shirts top

Forever 21 activewear jacket

Hansel from Basel black fleece lined legging

Puma lightweight running shoes

Fair isle glove $32 – HB-17 NY Deal Knit Winter Headband Ear Warmer, Brown:…

Atlas Atlas Aspect 28

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