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Spring Trends 2014- Easy Skirts

Let’s think spring!!

The meaning of spring fashion is a little different here in the Midwest.  While most people think spring equates delicate shoes, blouses and capris, we know better.  In typical recent fashion, our climates go from 20 degrees to 65 without warning.  There are very few days without muddy, dirty snowy slush and windy cold rains.  And then all the sudden its summer and you need a tank top because you’ll sweat to death.

What I’m trying to say is that there is no gradual springiness of late.  The days were you feel the tulips popping out of the snow and robins singing.  What we really have our mild winter days and then summer.

So I’m going to dress us for those.  Because let’s be real.  If we lived in LA, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about whether or not that “spring” coat is really going to keep us warm.  It was just for show anyway.

I am also going to try to focus as I always do on trends that I would wear.  You won’t see me telling you to plunk down your money on some crazy runway look- just easy ideas to consider for your spring wardrobe.

And so, number one!  Easy skirts.  We have run the gamut lately with easy skirts.  First was the skater skirt, then the maxi.  While both are still hot items, this year is a tea-length.  It is very 1950s casual.  I like to think of them as ladies aid skirts.  They are prim and proper, but sweet and forgiving- and meant to be worn to work in.  So don’t save them only for church or a girl’s luncheon!  Wear one to a picnic or a meeting or a movie out.  Give your legs and tush a break from the pencils and move again!

You can see how I styled mine.  I chose a poppy color because it always reminds me of spring.  And I paired it with a simple blouse and sweater.  I’m still in love with a poppy lip color and I like how the aviators keep the look from being too vintage.

Is this a spring trend you are willing to try?

Old Navy sleeveless top

Mango long sleeve sweater $33 –

A line skirt

Stud earrings

Heart jewelry

Mango aviator sunglasses $30 –

NP Set lip care


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