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Spring Trends 2014- Wide Leg Pants

Two more spring trends to go!

Today’s trend keeps coming and going- especially during spring and fall.  In the fall, you’ll see this trend surface in denim to create a bohemian look.  I think designers are trying to take a break from the skinny jean look and mix it up a little.  I’d love to say these would be a great “I’m feeling bloated” pants option but I feel they really aren’t made for ladies like me who have thicker thighs.  This type of pant looks best on women with thinner, longer legs.  However, if these pants are slightly boot cut (thinner on the thighs), then they are more flattering for us none skinny legged ladies.

These pants remind me of Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.  The look is menswear turns feminine and it looks great on women with very little curve. Picture just about anything Meg Ryan would wear.

Pair with these pants with something simple up top.  Keep it sleek.  You don’t want wide pants and a top with a bunch of volume.  Your shoes are very important.  You should NOT wear ballet flats with these pants.  They need height and a sturdy heel.

Here are three looks to inspire you. I’m particularly in love with the sailor pants.  What a great spring look!

NIC ZOE stretch shirt

People Tree stretchy pants $56 –

Navy blue shoes


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