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Summer Concert Series- Miranda Lambert’s Automatic

It’s time for a little thing I like to do every summer.  It’s sort of my summer concert series, if you will.  I will feature my current favorite new songs (because most of what I love isn’t new) and create an outfit to go along with the artist.

Weird, I know.  Fun, definitely.

First up is Miranda Lambert’s Automatic.  I’ve written before about how I really think going out with this girl would be a great night.  She seems down to earth and has a sassy personality. And just a touch unrefined.  🙂

And I particularly enjoy this song, not only because she somehow stole my pick up for her video (if I get one, you can be sure I’m having my midlife crisis), but because the lyrics speak to me about how life used to be so much simpler before all of this Facebook, cell phones and Internet.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all those things.  But they lead to insanity.

Without further ado, here is the video-

And here is my outfit-

Diamante jewelry $4.21 –

Asos jewelry


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