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SWL- Looking Stunning

A few style tips from the experts that Lloyd can call on are what I’d like to share for this week.  Since these designers know a little more about fashion than someone just merely in the trenches of real life, I think it’s worth our time to see what they have to share. First off, Kenneth Cole reminds us that being comfortable in our clothes gives us confidence.  Don’t try too hard and don’t forget to smile.  You’ll always look amazing when you do. Marc Bouwer gives us lots of helpful tips.  Know the importance of a good foundation, as in undergarments.  Your goal should be a good shape.  Also, don’t get stuck in a rut.  As you age, you have to continually explore new fashion looks as to avoid only wearing certain colors or styles.  Trying new things helps keep your look fresh and young.  And finally, he reminds us that when you are covered up or wearing a basic, your accessories should really shine.  And vice versa, when wearing something over the top, keep the accessories toned down.  That’s great advice.  I say, remember that the next time you wear a solid turtleneck….


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