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SWL- The Season of Dressing Up

Lloyd says that in November, “the season of dressing up starts right now.”  To be prepared for the holidays, here are a few steps towards success:

Image courtesy of houstondiamondoutlet

1)  Clean up your jewelry. When was the last time you gave your wedding ring a bath?  I have to admit my sparkler gets pretty dull with repeated handwashing in the winter months.  Another tip- make your anniversary date, the date you have your ring professionally cleaned and checked. 2) Pick your outfits the night before (or days before) an event.  You’ll be more creative when you’re not in a rush.  I find that just getting the basics, which tops and bottoms or dress I’m going with lends to more inspiration when it comes to accessories the day I’m going to wear them (and the accessories are what puts outfits into that “special” category). 3) Buy some new undies.  “There is private power in newness.”  And here’s another tip- buy a set to leave in your drawer.  When it gets used, replace it with a new set. Here’s to starting off the holidays on a stylish note!


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