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SWL- Welcome February

We made it through January!  Can I get a hurrah!  And we also made it through Groundhog Day.  Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in that movie?  It’s just another mundane day over and over again.  I love watching that show.  I think the theme is- make time during your every day life to do nice things for others and care about those you love.  Something to remember.

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Lloyd has some awesome advice for us this week!  Not only does he talk about getting ready for Valentine’s Day (would you date yourself?, if not, maybe you should go back and get ready like you would!), but he also talks about how spring could be six weeks away or earlier!  Bring on the pedicures!  Start thinking about fitting into that swimsuit!…  Do you want to hurt me now?  I’m kinda getting sweaty just saying that…! Now, the great advice that we’re talking about here, is how to determine whether or not you should buy that article of clothing that you are considering in the dressing room.  Here are the questions you need to ask yourself.  If you answer three questions as a yes, then buy it! “1)  Can I wear this with my sexiest heels? 2) Will this look appropriate with dressy flats? 3) Would I love this on a date with a sexy top (or bottom)? 4) Is this appropriate as a separate for a business presentation or interview? 5) Might this transition from day to night with the help of accessories? 6) Will this work for a total day of fun? 7) Is this office appropriate?” Not every piece of clothing you buy is going to fit into these categories.  But the majority should. I love how helpful this list is; I think we should all have it in our purse when we are shopping.  I hope our February does not contain too many bad days, on repeat.  And February is closer to spring.  Yup, that’ll help during our 20 degree weather!


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