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The Superbowl Winners…of Beauty

As the big game is only a few days away, I thought I’d do a little ditty about Beauty Superbowl Winners.  Okay, so I’m not really going to sing about them but let’s give a shout out to those go-to products that should be playing in the finals for their daily performances. There are a few products that I don’t leave the house without.  Here’s my game- 1)  Mascara.  I’m sure my love affair with mascara began as maybe a freshman in high school.  I can remember the days when I wore it versus the days when I didn’t and a friend of mine would say, “There is just something different about your eyes today.”  Hm…must have been the mascara!  As you know, I’ve been using Cover Girl’s Natural Luxe Mouse mascara as my daily go-to mascara simply because I love a good waterproof that doesn’t feel like glue.  See post, Beauty Shop Saturday.  (Did you hear the controversy over the Taylor Swift ad? See here.)

ht taylor swift covergirl photoshop thg 111219 main Procter & Gamble Pulls Photoshopped Taylor Swift Mascara Ad
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