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Top Five Holiday Movies for Style

Tomorrow’s post will be Day 25.  It’s all about New Year’s Eve.  But today, I’m still loving the holiday season because I love the music and I also love the movies.  Here are my top five holiday movies for style: 5)  The Family Man- Not your typical holiday show, but definitely has a Christmas theme.  It is a little bit It’s A Wonderful Life for the modern day.  If you have a family, you’ll relate so much to this movie.  It is adorable.  I love Tia Leoni in it, it is by far her prettiest movie.

(Image courtesy of 4) Miracle on 34th Street- I’m talking about the newer (1994) version (although the older one is a classic too).  This movie was carved out of cream cheese.  Every piece of clothing is so thought out, it almost makes you want to wrinkle a shirt on purpose.  But it is beautiful.  Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause and he wants your outfits to be strategically coordinated.

(Image courtesy of 3) White Christmas- This is such a classic.  Every outfit is so stage-worthy.  You have to love this old movie when it’s time for the holidays.

(Image courtesy of 2) The Holiday- This movie made my top ten style movies of all time.  So naturally it is a choice here.  You just can’t beat Cameron Diaz’ coats and snow bunny appeal in the middle of winter.  Oh ya and Jude Law is pretty fabulous too…

(Image courtesy of 1) Surviving Christmas-  Wow.  This one is definitely not going to win any Oscars but it is a fun movie.  It was out in 2004.  And the outfits are still classic for today, seven years later.  (How can that be that 2004 was that long ago!?) Moreover, Christina Applegate looks amazing in this movie and has on a wonderful outfit for just about every type of family event you can think of.  I especially love how the color choices in this movie play up her complexion and blue eyes.  Very stylish!  Oh, and looking at Ben Affleck isn’t too bad either…

(Image courtesy of I hope you had a chance to catch a few of these movies.  Not only are they enjoyable, but they are also stylish!  What is your favorite holiday style movie? Honorable Mentions: Love Actually It’s A Wonderful Life Home Alone Edward Scissorhands Muppets Christmas Carol Elf A Christmas Story Little Women Chronicles of Narnia Meet Me in St. Louis Holiday Inn


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