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Travel Day

Pretty soon it will be Memorial Day weekend.  It may not seem like it since the temperatures don’t want to warm up, but that is the official kick off to summer!

I couldn’t be more excited!  I may throw my alarm clock out the window soon.  The kids are telling me its time.  It’s time to be out late at night playing until dark and sleeping in.  It’s time to be through with the schedule.

If you have travel plans for the big weekend, I’ll help you pack.  Send me a question and I’ll feature it on the blog.

Here is a great travel outfit.  It could not be simpler.  Did you know that wearing heels during a long car ride is a great idea?  As long as you’re not hauling heavy luggage anywhere once you arrive, you’ll be off your feet for an extended amount of time.  Might as well take advantage of that!

This outfit is a basic jeans and tank look.  What makes the outfit is the kimono top.  This is a huge trend for summer and you’re going to see it everywhere.  Mainly they’ll be worn with short-shorts or crop tops but I’m pretty sure I’m opting out of those categories.  You’ll be channeling your inner boho and be looking great in this easy piece.   These are especially great for those of us that don’t really want to show much skin or are insecure about how our arms look.  Look for one that has a little bit of length to it.   I especially like them when you can see your waist, so tuck that tank top in!

Now you’re travel ready!

ONLY print top $41 –

Print top

Oasis cap sleeve shirt $10 –

Skinny fit jeans

Orange top

Kate Spade structured bag

Chunky jewelry


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