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What I’m Packin’

For Thanksgiving, that is.  I’ve had some requests to put on my blog outfits that I put together for myself.  I would glad do more of this, but the photo quality is not going to be stellar.  So you’ll have to put up with my poor photography skills. This Turkey Day weekend, I’ll be packing mostly fall colors, oranges, pea greens, browns and reds.  It just makes me feel a little more fallish. Outfit #1-Travel Day

You need to pack something comfortable, so I’m going with these dark “Starlet” jeans by Joe’s Jeans, my pea green t-shirt from Loft and this pea green scarf from JCPenney that I’m going to tie into an infinity loop. If you’ve forgotten how to do that, check out The Skinny on Scarves. For shoes, probably my Steve Madden clogs so I can slip them off when in the truck. And don’t forget the accessories!  Here’s what I’m pairing with this look- Some small mixed metal teardrop earrings and a hammered metal ring.

Hope we get there safely!

*writer retains the right to change these outfits at her discretion (as they have not been tried on yet! 🙂


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