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15 Years

I’ve seen a good friend of mine from high school maybe twice in 15 years.  So when we got to spend an important day together, I was very excited!  Melissa Ohden is such an inspiration!  She is an abortion survivor and an international prolife speaker and my little church was so honored to have her speak today. (Please check out her website- for more information!) Here’s a picture of us at our senior prom (I almost had water come out my nose when I found this picture).  Hilarious!

I’m seriously wondering where that 17 year old body went.  Ug. Not to mention I now know where all my wrinkles are from, geez I was way too dark! Here was the outfit I chose to wear for this event at my church based on Pinterest-


My version (please be kind to this photo, it was taken after being at church today for over eight hours) included:

Blouse (Banana Republic)

Skirt (Kmart)

Heels (Sears)

I added a jacket (JCPenney) because it was borderline too uninteresting with no pattern or statement piece or pop of color.

And by this time I had already taken off most of my jewelry (and my hose too)- sorry!  

I also had a wardrobe malfunction!  (These kind of things only happen when you write a fashion blog).  My husband noticed my zipper in the back was starting to pull apart about a half hour before things were supposed to start.  And I had no time to drive home to change!  So I safety pinned the skirt, turned it around (the front didn’t look much different from the back) and untucked my shirt to cover the pins.  It was a little sloppy but at least no one noticed!  I can tell you I had a few stressing moments in the bathroom however!

It was a great day and I’m exhausted.  Thanks again Melissa!


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