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A Little R&R

This has to be my last room for awhile.  There is a little thing coming up called Thanksgiving and this year I’m hosting for my family.  So the painting will cease for awhile. The last room I got my hands on was the office.  It started out hospital white like every other room in the home except what this picture is missing is a cobalt blue wall that was sponge painted.  It wasn’t pretty, trust me.  It sadly didn’t even match the blue in the carpet.  Not even close.

To make this room feel like less of a bedroom, I thought the color should be warmer and deeper than the rest of the bedrooms.  The kind of color that envelopes you and makes it feel like a library or a study.

So I chose, Ethereal Mood by Sherwin Williams.  It isn’t DARK but it has weight to it.  And surprisingly, it tends to be a little on the olive side.  Very much a military khaki color.

Here’s the results-

It has a bed in it for now…

But also the office desk. And, of course, new flooring! I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest project.  I’ll keep you updated as the painting ensues.  It is inspiring me to finish the small projects I have left at home!  I hope it inspires you too! And, if you have questions about choosing paint colors, email me!  I love laying out how colors flow through a house!


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