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Accessories Addiction

Accessories can get your clothes to do things you never thought possible.  Case in point.  Have you seen recently the ad Loft is running?  (Maybe you’re getting sick of hearing about the Loft, NOT possible, sorry.)  They take a model with a pair of jeans and a shirt and show four different looks with those same pieces simply based on her accessories.  Here are all of the different outfits. Here’s flirty and feminine-

Sporty and fun-

Cozy and cute-

Polished and playful-

Easy and comfy-

Bold and smart-

Now, don’t tell me that accessories don’t make a difference?!  Sometimes it really pays to shop for only pieces that will update your current clothing.  New shoes and boots, throw in a hat, this year’s belts, statement necklaces, scarves, vests, and especially in Iowa… coats!  Having a few of all of these will stretch your wardrobe and help to change up your look.  It’ll keep someone from thinking, “Does she wear that same blouse every week?” I definitely have an accessories problem.  Sometimes it is the first place I stop when I’m in a store.  Accessories=versatility.  Don’t underestimate them.  You can never have too many!


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