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All the Trimmings

Well, there’s no beating around the bush.  You are either an oak person or a painted person.  It’s like being a Democrat or a Republican.  If you have a preference, you know it. When we bought our house it was an oak nightmare.  I do enjoy a nice oak piece once in awhile.  Our old home was chuck full of oak.  And it was lovely.  It had a beautiful open staircase and nice wide trim and wonderful details.  But this head to toe oak is not much to write home about.  Even the furnishings and picture frames were all oak, all the same tone.  Yikes! That is all going to change.  I’m definitely a member of the painted camp.  When your favorite color is white, you pretty much lean towards all things painted.  Needless to say, we are replacing all of the trim in our new home.  And the doors too. Here is what it looked like before-

Here is the baseboard we have chosen for the main floor-

Here is the baseboard we have chosen for the upstairs-

(Just a smaller version of the main floor.) And here is the casing (the trim around the windows) we have chosen for the main floor-

The upstairs and downstairs casing is still undecided. We have also decided to do the main open doorways in a special wide casing that looks like this-

What is the trim in your house?


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