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Argan Oil

There was a time when women went to all kinds of lengths to avoid any products that had oil in them for their face.  And times they are a changing.

Speaking as a girl with extremely oily skin to now as an adult is more combination, I avoided oil like the plague.  But especially in the harsh Iowa winter, my skin gets BONE dry.  My sensitive skin can bake like a pancake in one afternoon’s worth of cold wind.  It doesn’t feel good or look good either.

Some of you might remember my post about this little gem I discovered awhile back.  But I’ve also been using something new, argan oil.  More specifically, Josie Maran’s light argan oil.

I picked this bottle up to give it a test run because I’ve heard so much about it.  I mean, if you wanna know the truth about any product, you can find out on the Home Shopping Network, right?

Josie Maran Cosmetics $48

I chose it simply because I do have acne prone skin and expected the lighter version not to clog pores and it was also formulated for sensitive skin.  Bing!  That’s me!

How exactly does one use facial oil?  Well, let me tell you, in my experience, you can’t rely on it as a moisturizer.  I just need deep hydration.  Maybe the original formula works better for that?  But I really love it on top of my moisturizer.  Think of it like an additional layer that you’re putting on to protect your skin.  And the best part is, whatever is underneath night cream or your sunscreen will be locked into your skin, doing its job without disappearing.

So if you’re like me and have your wintertime skin starting, consider facial oil.  It has a bigger price tag, but it leaves your skin soft, radiant and protected.  And as an added bonus, it works wonders on hair, nails and lips!


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