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Best of 2012 Oscars

Was anyone else a bit disappointed in the dresses this year?  While the show seemed much better (I love Billy Crystal), the dresses just didn’t seem like last year’s “Wow Year.”  Here are the dresses and hairstyles I liked best. Best Dresses Ellie Kemper-

This dress was matchy-matchy with her hair and it looks a little more like a fall dress than spring, but I love a pattern. And this was pattern in a subtle, sparkly way. Very pretty. Kate Mara-

I thought this dress was very feminine and elegant. I think the color is spectacular on her. And it had fun details, like the belt and the little sleeve. Gwyneth Paltrow-

I wasn’t a huge fan of this dress but she looks very regal in it.  And SO slender!  As we say in my family, she needs to eat a sandwich.  😉 Stacy Keibler-

Who, you ask?  Oh just George Clooney’s latest.  Apparently she used to cheerlead and was also involved in WWF.  Hmm?…  I loved how this dress fit her.  She definitely looks like a trophy girlfriend. Glenn Close-

I thought Glenn Close really knocked it out of the park. If she had taken the jacket off, she might have been my best dressed. Wow. She really looks incredible. Again, I’m hoping to look half this good later in life! Winner! Cameron Diaz-

That’s right Jessica Biel, take that!  I’m sure Justin Timberlake was feeling a little sorry for himself when he saw Cameron in this dress.    The girl is almost 40 and has a rocking body.  She certainly showed it in this slim dress.  I loved how simple it was up top and how it had ruffles and sparkled on the bottom.  The only thing I would have changed would be her necklace.  I thought it needed a little more intricacy to it.  This one left something to be desired.

(Image courtesy of Best Hair

I’m very into the sideswept thing lately and I loved how this wasn’t really an updo, but it gave her look a bit of drama. (All above images courtesy of Instyle unless otherwise stated)

(Image courtesy of I LOVE Cameron’s hair short.  I don’t know why the girl insists on growing it out.  She looks stunning with a great cut! Winner! Viola Davis-

(Image courtesy of While she didn’t win best actress, she certainly won best hair.  It was awesome to see her real hair.  It just shows how naturally beautiful she is.  And you don’t get that from watching her on the Help! Great color, great texture.  And her mama did it.  Love. What were your favorites of the night?


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