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Big Shoes to Fill

How disappointing is it when I see real effort by women to look cute and it all falls flat when you look down?  It’s a crime really.  How important are shoes (and accessories) when making a “look?”  Very. Let’s picture Audrey Hepburn in her classic black ankle pants and ballet flats instead wearing a chunky, thick soled “comfort” shoe.  Yikes.  Not exactly the fashion icon we all remember. Shoes and accessories in general are what make the outfit yours.  They identify you.  Are you someone who’s on your feet all day?  Do you work in an ultra conservative environment? What do you want your feet saying about you? Think of your shoes and accessories as the icing on a cake.  Seriously.  Sure, cake is great when it takes good.  But all the pizazz comes from the frosting. There are lots of days when your outfits should start with an accessory.  Think about all the beautiful items you have in your jewelry box, on your shoe racks and wrapped around something other than your neck.  Usually these things are the last things you think about after you get dressed.  But maybe they should be the first. Do you have a beautiful necklace that you’d like to showcase?  How about those boots that you just never wear?  Start your outfit with them.  So they get worn. Don’t leave these beautiful things for your grandchildren to wear.  Wear them now!  For yourself!  For every day!  Because you are exchanging a day in your life for today.  Don’t waste it on tomorrow. I’m not saying I don’t have yoga pant kind of days.  But if you take some consideration into your outfit today, then take a look at your feet.   Take a look at your accessories.  Do they add personality?  Are they exciting to you?  Or are they merely so you can be comfortable? Shoes and accessories need to complete your outfit.  So by starting at the end, you may be solving an issue you never realized you had from the beginning. I dare you to wear heels to pick up your kids at school.  I dare you to wear that outrageous necklace to the grocery store.  I dare you to wear the white winter coat on a walk. Because life goes too fast for ugly, comfortable and boring.


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