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Black Friday Finds

I thought I’d share some of my Black Friday purchases.  Because there are great deals to be had, I don’t often get to shop and I like picking out my own gifts for Christmas…sometimes. Store #1- Younkers This really wasn’t the first store on our Black Friday scavenger hunt- more like number three.  But it was the first place where I wasn’t buying electronics for my kids. First stop, the shoe department.  Because what girl doesn’t need more shoes?  Not any that I know.  I scored this pair, on the clearance rack.  My sister has its twin in grey.

Ruff Hewn Ginger on clearance $24.49

Second stop, the makeup counter.  Um, we scored BIG time.  While the men are furiously buying TVs and shop vacs, us ladies forget our little splurges.  Here’s what we got- if you bought any fragrance, this makeup case full of products (two sets of eyeshadow palettes, three lipsticks, one lip gloss, one mascara, eye makeup remover, two eyeliners, three brushes), a clutch and a rolling overnight bag was yours for $58.50.  When can I purchase!

All the goods- Estee Lauder $58.50

BTW- I purchase Spellbound for my fragrance because I like spicy scents.

Estee Lauder Spellbound $57

Last stop, jammies.  Always a great Black Friday purchase, I scored these thermals-

Hue Sleepwear $21.97 (Okay not a huge steal, but I really liked them)

Store #2- Kohls You know that I used to not be a very big fan of this store.  But then came two very important labels- Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad.  They are pretty much the only two sections of the store I shop.  But this time my first stop, again, the shoe department.  I think I’m on a mission to get some new winter shoes that I can just slip on. Here’s my bounty-

Mudd Gresham Grey $44.97 (which may be the most I’ve spent on shoes in a long, long time)

Sonoma Snedin $26.97

Second stop, Vera Wang clothing. Thinking ahead to holiday wear, I fell in love with these red velour pants-

Simply Vera velveteen skinny pants $29

And I’m also a sucker for this pale apricot color, especially when it is done in lace with this great fit-

Elle blouse $36

Store #3- Old Navy By this time I was getting a big delirious so trying on clothes can be interesting.  But I was looking for some cheap mommy wear shirts that I can wear at home and layer when I go out.  Here’s what I found-

Thermals $8

Tank $0.47

Oh, and that summer shirt on clearance…  I know.  One more dollar and I coulda hada pop. On a side note, have you seen the latest Old Navy commercial with Chevy Chase reenacting his Clark Griswald moment with the lighting of the Christmas lights.  🙂 And that’s my Merry Christmas!  The only thing missing this year was my annual trek to the Goodwill.  Maybe that’ll have to be my after Christmas destination! Hope you scored some great deals too!!


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