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Blog Loving

While you are waiting for me to post a few more pictures of my hubby and I’s night out, let’s talk blogs.  I love to read some great blogs and so I thought I’d share my list of some of my favorites.  I love all of my friends’ blogs, but I don’t want to promote them here as they may not be loving having readers from all across the world.  (I’m pretty sure most of my international hits are spam.) Some of these are not fashion-related at all, but very good non-the-less. 5)  Girly Do’s By Jenn– If you have a little girl, this blog is a must read.  You’ll never wonder what to do with your daughter’s hair again.  (And mine doesn’t even have hair long enough for a ponytail yet!) 4)  J’s Everyday Fashion– I love a good style blog that isn’t so high fashion that you know you’d never apply to your real life.  She is so very down to earth! 3)  The Small Things– A friend of mine introduced me to this site and its main focus is hair, but other do-it-yourself topics can be found amoungst the hair.  I love all of the great hair tutorials and clearly need help in these areas. 2)  The Decorologist– This one is completely non fashion related and all about your home.  I LOVE THIS BLOG.  It makes me want to break out the color swatches and start painting and redecorating every day.  It  is definitely one to add to your list. 1)  Wendy’s Lookbook- This lady is more of a east coast/west coast fashion forward girl, but I just simply love her outfits and photos.  They are out of the box but still approachable.  Love. I hope you enjoy some of these and please, tell me your favorite blogs (obviously besides the can’t-live-without Style from the Sticks!). Note- If you know of or are a fashion blogger in the Midwest, I’d love to connect.  So far, I can’t find many!


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