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Boots and Bikinis

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No, I don’t recommend wearing both alone together.  Unless you’re in a Toby Keith video or look as cute as the model in the photo above.  What I want to say about them is this…it is a great time to be purchasing both. You’ve probably already got a swimsuit for this season, but if you’re looking for one for next, or need to pick up an extra, after July 4th, they’ll be on clearance.  Many are already hugely discounted and there may not be matching pieces left. Also, if you can find them (read mainly online), buying boots right now is a good idea.  I know none of us at the start of summer want to think about prodding through snow, but you can find some really good deals out there on sites such as Aldo and Piperlime. Check it out! But save us from seeing the combos together!


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