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BSS- It’s Hard Saying Goodbye

We have come to the time of the year where my nails have hit their max.  All summer they grow strong, healthy and long.  And then about this time of year, they start to get brittle, hang nails appear and they break.  And while I spend about .2 seconds every week on my nails, it does make one sad to see them go.


Image source, photo credit Marin

But who’s kidding.  I have three kids.  I paint almost daily, do household chores and generally live.  Nails are gonna break.  Dreams of perfect manicures shatter.  And that’s probably a good thing.  I still have reoccurring nightmares of the picture in my brother’s Guinness’ Book of World records of the lady with the longest fingernails.  EW.

This summer I experienced my very first gel manicure.  And let me tell you busy moms…it is the ANSWER.  Not only do your nails look Martha Stewart close up ready, they last!  For weeks!  And they feel strong!   Like you no longer are going to hit that car door handle just wrong and bend them back in agony strong!  Not to mention the dry time is ridiculous. Waiting for twenty minutes while you sweat how much extra you’ll have to pay your babysitter while your nails are drying will no longer be the case!

There are two down sides to gel manicures.  #1- The UV light used in salons could potentially be harmful.  The jury is still out on this.  And the chances are slim.  #2- Removing the gel with acetone nail polish remover takes awhile.  Think “Madge, I’m soaking in it.”

The good news?  You can buy a kit and do it at home with an LED light (no potential harmful light) and have salon results.

So saying goodbye just got a little easier.

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