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Business Trip

I received the following question from a reader- Good Afternoon Holly! I need help! I will be attending a 4 day business meeting in Minneapolis and would like some input on packing with options yet efficency! I will be there from Sunday night until Wednesday at noon. I will have a come and go dinner and resource fair on Sunday night, meetings all day Monday with a dinner in the evening, meetings all day Tuesday (with an interactive Women’s luncheon), followed by a dinner that night, and then can be a little more casual Wednesday morning for the close of the meeting. As you can see I have a lot of different things to dress for so anxious to get some new ideas! Thanks for your help! Thank you for your question!  I love to pack!  While most people run from their suitcases at the thought of packing, I’m sketching out what outfits to put together.  Some helpful hints that I’ve found when packing are: 1) Stick to the same color scheme If for some reason things aren’t looking so great when you actually put them on, it’ll be easy to swap out something for another piece you’ve packed. 2) Reuse pieces It’ll keep your packing light. 3) Jersey is your friend Nothing packs better or easier. Here’s what I would take for your business trip (and this is exactly how I write my list when I pack): Day One at Night, Dinner and Resource Fair- If there is a resource fair going on, I take it this is no black tie dinner.  But, I’d still bring a basic dress to be on the safe side.  Once you are there, you can mix up the dinner looks I’ve come up with when you know what each one will mean. I like this one from The Limited-

Drape Neck Pleated Dress Throw on heels and a pretty necklace to complete the look.  Don’t forget to take a clutch instead of your work bag! FYI- You can easily add a blazer to this look and it’ll be more business worthy and less “formal.” Day Two, Meetings- All day meetings=pants for sure.  Khakis are comfy and when paired with a striped button up shirt like this one from Ralph Lauren at Macy’s (see below) and topped off with a blazer, they can look very professional.  Throw on a long necklace, some hoops, your watch (you want to know how long these meetings will last!) and a pair of neutral flats or kitten heels.!fn=TOP_STYLE%3DBlouse%26pageIndex%3D4%26sortBy%3DPRICE_LOW_TO_HIGH%26productsPerPage%3D40&!qvp=iqvp Night, Dinner-Maybe tonight you can get away with jeans (which you probably wore on the way there).  If so, leave your button up on, add together with your jeans and top off with a v-neck sweater or wrap sweater in a cozy fabric (read cashmere).  You won’t even have to change your jewelry or your shoes! FYI- If you can’t wear your jeans, wear your dress from Day One and throw on your sweater over top.  Belt with a ribbon belt, add some drop earrings and complete with your heels. Day Three, Meetings w/ Women’s Luncheon- For a women’s luncheon, I’d try to find a comfy skirt or dress.  Something more feminine since you’ll be hanging out with the girls.  I also think something in a brighter color.  I’d put on this jersey pencil skirt from Old Navy. And add on a bright and printed blouse, like this one from Anthropologie (Molten Blouse)- For accessories, try some hoops, a thick bright belt and your flats. Night, Dinner- And then for night, take off the blouse and throw on your heels and a simple shell.  Liven things up with a statement necklace and a cuff bracelet.  Again, take your clutch! Day Four, Close of Meetings- Start with a great looking t-shirt and wear under your blazer.  Next, add in a comfy skirt like this one-

Anne Klein Pleated Jacquard Skirt from Younkers Add a scarf and your flats.  So simple you can wear it home (take off the blazer) and more comfortable than you’d think! Something also to mention that in November in Minnesota, you will probably need a coat.  A trench will work with all of the outfits listed above and still keep you warm! So for pieces to pack you have: 1) One dress 2) Khaki pants 3) Blazer 4) Wrap sweater 5) Two skirts, two cuts- pencil and pleated A-line 6) Four shirts- blouse, a shell, a T-shirt and a printed button down 7) Two pairs of shoes- flats and heels But most importantly, your accessories! I hope this helps you.  It has been lots of fun answering! Holly


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