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Business Trip

I received the following question from a reader- Good Afternoon Holly! I need help! I will be attending a 4 day business meeting in Minneapolis and would like some input on packing with options yet efficency! I will be there from Sunday night until Wednesday at noon. I will have a come and go dinner and resource fair on Sunday night, meetings all day Monday with a dinner in the evening, meetings all day Tuesday (with an interactive Women’s luncheon), followed by a dinner that night, and then can be a little more casual Wednesday morning for the close of the meeting. As you can see I have a lot of different things to dress for so anxious to get some new ideas! Thanks for your help! Thank you for your question!  I love to pack!  While most people run from their suitcases at the thought of packing, I’m sketching out what outfits to put together.  Some helpful hints that I’ve found when packing are: 1) Stick to the same color scheme If for some reason things aren’t looking so great when you actually put them on, it’ll be easy to swap out something for another piece you’ve packed. 2) Reuse pieces It’ll keep your packing light. 3) Jersey is your friend Nothing packs better or easier. Here’s what I would take for your business trip (and this is exactly how I write my list when I pack): Day One at Night, Dinner and Resource Fair- If there is a resource fair going on, I take it this is no black tie dinner.  But, I’d still bring a basic dress to be on the safe side.  Once you are there, you can mix up the dinner looks I’ve come up with when you know what each one will mean. I like this one from The Limited-

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