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Closet Shuffle #2

Day 2 of my closet shuffle.  Here are the picts of the closets I was referring to- Closet Number 1, in my bedroom-

Closet Number 2, in our spare room-

Closet Number 3, top level in the nursery (to become my shoe closet as my kids are almost all out of the nursery stage-SOB)-

Can I hire a master closet organizer to come and make my closets fabulous?  I guess I’ll have to rely on my own creativity to make them the best closets they can be. Problem to address #1- The shelf in my clothes closet is too high for functionality.  Thus I think I’m going to get my favorite handyman (aka my hubby) to move the rod for my shirts up higher and put the shelf inbetween the two rods. Problem to address #2- My closet is deeper than my door.  I think I’d like to widen my closet door opening and take the traditional door off my closet and adding bifold doors so I can see the entire contents of my closet.  It will also make my closet look bigger because you’ll be able to see how wide it is. Problem to address #3- Organizing my new shoe closet.  Ideally, this would be my shoe closet-

(Image courtesy of Instyle) This is the closet of Mariah Carey’s shoes and I am not this lucky! I do think I could pull something more like this off-

(Image courtesy of It’ll take some thought on how to do something similar to this.  Hm.  The ideas are flowing… Problem to address #4- Lighting.  As in there isn’t any except in closet number two.  This is a serious problem.  And one I have yet to figure out how to solve. Must go consult with said handyman and see what of these four problems can be addressed.  Do you have closet issues?


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