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Come and Go

We have a small getaway coming up and I’m thinking about what to pack.  We have a confirmation to attend but that’ll probably be the only formal event.  I know I’ll bring a dress, the question being, which one?

Since the graduation, confirmation, Mother’s Day season is upon us (and soon-to-be, wedding season), I know many of you will be wondering the same.  You want to be formal but the day doesn’t belong to you, so discreet. Here’s a few ideas (and hopefully I will pick something soon!)-

Tahari Teak Stretch Cotton Poplin Belted Dress from BlueFly $97

This one is pretty versatile. You could wear this dress for any of the above events. And dress it up a little more and it can still do date night.

In a Snap-Dragon Dress from ModCloth $99

This dress is very ladylike without being boring. I love that the print that has a least three colors in it to help pair with all sorts of other pieces.

 MinkPink Four Seasons Panelled Dress from Revolve Clothing $62

This dress is more for a wedding than say a graduation because of the fun details on the bottom and the strappy top.

I’ll let you know what I decide!


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