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Crazy Times

We are living in some crazy times, are we not? And living through some serious history. We will all remember this virus and the temporary life changes it made for Americans.

I am not one to spend much time on doom and gloom. All we can do is be ready, as best we can and make the most of this time spent at home.

While this whole lifestyle is new to a lot of folks, it reminds me much of my life in the summer. Typically we are rushing from one ball game to the next, or at least one activity to the next, so that's not happening now. But I am home in the summer, with all the kids, typically trying to work from home amongst the chaos. And while the Mr. isn't usually home, as he is now, this is all to familiar for me. Another difference, we don't have a steady influx of kids of all ages coming in and out of the home while I'm trying to work. So it's been just us and that's kind of nice. I'm sure we'll all be extremely tired of each other shortly...

While we are at home for an unprecedented amount of time, I thought I'd share a hodgepodge of life here in my house. We planned on working on our project- Starting from Scratch over spring break and we've honored that plan. But now all those things on my list for work have slowed and my projects for the house and things I just simply couldn't ever get to can become a priority.

I think I will share some of my favorite recipes, as most of us are cooking at home much more often. I will share some of the activities and ideas on how to keep the kids entertained- including exercise, learning and just plain fun things to do. And I will also share our progress on the house.

Let's do this people. And make the most of our time together.


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