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Tomorrow is the big event.  And it is time for me to make up my mind on my formal dress.  Do I go long or do I go short? 

(Image courtesy of This is not me at my closet, FYI! From what I understand, I may feel more comfortable in short.  There are more likely going to be a majority of the people there that wear simple day dresses as formal wear.  But I went to my closet today to officially decide and I just like my long dress better.  So guess what, I’m wearing it!  We’ll see how well it fits the venue.  Hopefully I won’t feel like any of the following:  I’m hoping to be a bridesmaid for the night; I’ve just arrived at the 30-year-old prom or I wish I had worn something with long sleeves and a turtleneck instead of something backless… I will be posting some pictures of the night as it unfolds! Meanwhile, wish me good luck with my wardrobe choice and on a fun night to remember!


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