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Did You Run Out of Coffee Too?

I’m not going to lie.  There are days when my toddler has better style than I do.  Today was not my best day of fashion.  I had to resort to mom apparel, jeans and a t-shirt.  In my defense, I was also doing yard work.  I don’t typically dress up to cut down shrubbery.  But it makes me feel so casual to be shlumping along in my mom getup.  Now in my grandma’s era, and you lived on the farm, you wore your everyday chore clothes.  But if you had to run an errand into town, you had better go clean yourself up and change into something worth being seen in. I’m wondering why this isn’t the case anymore?  In a world where parents drop off their kids to school in their pajama pants-literally, why has the pendulum swung so far in the opposite direction?  Now we are so casual, wearing something other than jeans raises questions.  Where are you going today?  Wow, you are really dressed up!  Maybe it’s just that the same old, same old is BORING?  Maybe I’m more comfortable in this skirt than in a pair of jeans? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of jeans.  But as Americans, I often wonder if someone forced us to wear them EVERY day, would we balk at the idea?  I can remember my grandmother (both of my grandmothers were/are complete fashionistas, BTW) asking me when huge clunky shoes were in (circa 1996, although there are certainly a good deal of huge clunky shoes still in now), “If someone made you wear those shoes, you would be so sad.” And how true. I think wearing jeans every day has just simply become uniform.  They are something to simply throw on your body so that you’ll be accepted without having to give it any thought.  This is why we wear them. Yes, most days of the week you’ll find me in jeans.  But there are times to mix it up!  And boy, do I feel so much better on the days when I feel like I’ve put some effort into me than on days like today, shlumping around like we’ve run out of caffeinated coffee. “If clothes can help you see yourself on your best day, why shouldn’t every day be that day?” says designer Reed Krakoff.  Why not indeed.


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