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Do You Need A Storage Unit?

Ah, the big return home after the holidays equals a house stuffed full of toys, games, clothes and other fun trinkets.  I appreciate our country of excess so much.  But I need to get rid of all the excess in my house.  We may have to consider getting a storage unit soon if I don’t clear some of this out. First stop for me, closets.  They sure do house an array of items that do not get used.  This fashionista does not even have a walk-in closet.  (And she seriously needs one.)  That’s right, I squeeze my wardrobe into a regular sized closet and I have to house my shoes in another closet’s shelves.  As my kids are growing, so are their wardrobes and thus, there is a lot less closet space for me. I’d love to say that I’d downsize to only items that I have worn recently, but I know myself and as soon as I do that, I’ll find myself buying the same thing I just gave away!  (I may end up on an episode of the Hoarders at some point in my life based purely on my wardrobe!) So at this time of the year, I’m just going to declutter and organize. Here is step one for today: Determine how to configure your closets to fit your needs. My closet is just not cutting the mustard when it comes to fitting the amount of clothes I have.  One thing I think I can do, besides taking out a home improvement loan for the size of closet I desire, is to move my shoes completely out. Right now I have my heels in another closet as I don’t wear them on a regular basis.  I also store my off season shoes with them.  I think it is now time to move my boots and small shoe storage shelf to a different closet and reorganize them so they are easily accessible and clearly seen. Hopefully I can post pictures of all the closets I’m referring to.  Please ignore the dust bunnies.  They are busy multiplying. I will spend the rest of the week/month shuffling things around to make this transition. How functional is your closet? If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, I may be jealous!!!


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