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Dressing the Mr.

My husband has a desk job, for the most part.  There are times when he has to be “out in the shop.” While it sounds very hands on, it requires very little physical exertion.  Therefore it is amazing to me that he comes home with blown out elbows in his shirts, rips on his back pockets, grease stains on his pants and hems that are fraying.  It makes me seriously wonder sometimes about what is going on at work. While I may shop more than he does, he generally spends more money per item than I ever would.  I consider his work clothes an investment, as he needs to look professional on a daily basis.  And it is hard to watch the destruction that occurs to said clothes! Now, you know that I’m a natural born shopper.  But shopping for clothes for my husband can be tricky.  He has VERY specific taste.  Why doesn’t he do his own shopping?  He just simply doesn’t have the time.  That leaves me walking a fine line from “will he wear this,” “I love this and hope he likes it” to “it’s on clearance and I think it’ll work.” It used to be that I could walk into what was then Structure (what is now Express Men) and find him all kinds of awesome work and casual clothes on sale.  But have you been to Express Men lately?  All of these stores are geared towards the 20-something-year-old guys who must work in a VERY creative environment.  Who gets away with these shirts in a conservative workplace? Case in point, look at this shirt from Express Men.  What guy do you know would wear a giant lion on his shoulder to work?  This shirt is clearly made for a guy to wear to a bar or a frat party…

Large Lion Fitted Oxford Shirt $60 While I love many of the clothes that can be found at places such as Banana Republic, my husband isn’t so fond of items like corduroy pants and pink shirts.  And I find appalling the clothes that can be found at places like JCPenney and say, Sears.  Sorry no offense, but he isn’t that old yet. There seems to be no middle ground.  While in most instances this can be hard for women to bridge the gap between grandma and teenager clothing, many places do have “misses” items or you can find a store that caters to that middle ground.  But I find that this isn’t the case in men’s clothing.  And to find these said clothes at a reasonable price, that’s even more tricky… So I continue on trying to replace the worn out pants and torn shirts with what, I’m not sure. Tell me, where do you find your guy’s clothes?


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