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Fall 2012 Style- Lesson #1

Have you been wondering what to buy for the fall?  I’m here to help.  I can’t say I’m that “wowed” by the new trends this season.  But I am glad that many of last season’s items are still “on-trend.”  That makes life so much easier. The next few posts will be what I see as the must haves for this season.  I’m not going to bore you with styles I just don’t think I’ll see on the street…  Let’s begin! This isn’t really an item, but a color.  Burgundy.  After so many seasons of soft pastels, fall is hitting hard with a bold, rich color.  It feels a little goth after wearing apricot! You can find it and you’ll see it everywhere- on shoes, jackets, pants, even lips!  Here’s a few images to spice up your fall wardrobe!

Zoe Straight Leg Pants from LOFT $70

Styling Nine to Five Blazer from ModCloth $70

The City Sandal from Colin Stewart at Victoria’s Secret $68


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