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Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Eight- Sexy Secretary

Yikes.  I’m nervous putting that word out there in cyberspace!  Note to self- think before creating titles for fashion challenges.  🙂

I hope you aren’t annoyed with all of my photo editing lately.  It has become a fascination. Who creates a program like Instagram anyway that gives you so many choices for your little snapshot?  It’s like being given your choice of Louboutin’s while you’re in your ripped old jeans.  Too many fancy options for my little point and shoot.

Here’s me in my sexy secretary look which constitutes- a pencil skirt, check.  A cardigan, check.  And heels, check.


Sexy Secretary

Blouse- Attention

Cardigan- Isaac Mizrahi

Skirt- Worthington

Heels- Banana Republic

Necklace & Earrings- Premiere


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