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Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Five- Ladies Who Lunch

I was lucky enough to attend in our local hospital’s fundraiser fashion show.  A nearby boutique outfitted the models and us guests had a tasty lunch wearing our heels and pearls.  Okay, I didn’t wear pearls but we were “ladies who lunch.”  All dressed up with nothing to do but enjoy our meal and watch the latest fashions.  (Some times we catch a break!)

I had an enjoyable time and was happy to do something that required a little dressing up!


Fall Fashion Challenge

Did I forget to mention I won a leather tote full of Tastefully Simple products.  The hubs was excited to see me returning with food!

Dress- London Times

Jacket-Robert Rodriquez

Heels- Nine West

Necklace- WAR (Women at Risk)

Ring- Stuff, etc.


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