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Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Twenty- Art Major

I attended a wedding and decided to wear black.  As you all know, black is not my favorite but since 80% (a figure completely made up) of all cocktail dresses are black, I gave in. And it went perfectly with my theme for the day.

I once had an art teacher that never wore anything but black.  And she basically said that wearing black was a sign that you were an art major…  It was my one and only year of grad school and she was also the professor that chewed me out for dressing up to class. Because most of the other students didn’t have an actual job that they had to go to after class.  Silly nontraditional students…

This picture is me outside of the reception area…which looks medieval castle-esk from the outside.  See the art major charming one of the brave knights standing guard.  He’s falling for my dark side…


Art Major

Dress- Banana Republic

Bracelet- Stuff

Earrings- ?

Ring- Lia Sophia

Shoes- Newport News


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