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Fall into Fashion 2015- Buffalo Check

Have you seen any Target commercial this fall?  Buffalo check (the big square check pattern) is everywhere.  And it isn’t just on clothing…it’s everywhere for the home too!

Speaking of Target, I’m SERIOUSLY loving their Mossimo jeans lately.  It’s pretty much all I wear.  They are affordable ($28- yes!), stretchy and comfortable and…they have low back pockets.  Which for you JLo blessed girls like me means they equal flattering!

I know this year’s burning question is, are skinny jeans out?  Well, according to New York they are.  But out here in the sticks, it’s going to take some time to trickle down.  I see the flares coming back for the younger set.  What cut do I buy?  Straight.  I love them.  They are more forgiving than the skinny and I can still wear them with my boots and booties.  Roll ’em up and they are great capris.  And when I get a stain on them, I don’t feel the need to freak out.  Don’t forget to watch for sales where they are buy one, get one 50% off!

How to wear the buffalo check without feeling like a lumberjack?  I recommend jewelry.  It’ll add some instant femininity.  Unless you really are working.  Then you should probably just throw on a ball cap.  🙂 

J Crew clothing

Mossimo jeans

Lace up booties


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